#29: No Way Out

This Comic's Cast:

This sequence went through a number of revisions as I tried to figure out how to get the heroes out of the base. I originally thought I'd have Blue call his helicopter again (since I could argue that with Jack being dead, the place would be safe to fly into). But it just felt like I was over-using Chanukah Alec, and Santa Alec needed his moment too.

I also though about having them run into an underground submarine dock, and having Blue call in a sub, but I scrapped that for the same reasons.

There was a thought of having Alec Purple somehow getting called in (with a helicopter or a jetpack or something) and saving the other two, but it just felt weird to have Purple show up at this point and save the day when he didn't feature at all in the previous comics.

I had the reindeer fly in with the wagon, too, but that didn't seem to work from a physics perspective. Plus, if a chopper couldn't fly in, why could a wagon.

This was about the only way I could see to get the heroes out in time.

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