#30: Safe for Another Year

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As with the previous comic, this strip also went through a few revisions before completion. One original draft had Purple wandering in and, hearing that the two fought Jack Frost, laughing at how silly that sounded. I scrapped it because I couldn't figure out a good joke to end the strip, and it also made Purple seem a little petty (especially for his only potential appearance in this run).

I also had a panel written where the guys tell Purple (who is the spirit of Solstice and all other Pagan winter celebrations) that they killed Jack Frost, and Purple saying "my pagans are going to be mad." This would play on the fact that pagans worship a lot of gods, which is true... but it also requires the reader to have a deep knowledge of Pagan beliefs, and to drop all of that on a reader, and explain it, in one comic was too much.

Plus I couldn't find a good god to equate Jack Frost to (I had Purple call him the Holly King, but it sounded too Christmas-y). So I just ditched to altogether.

So, sadly, Purple doesn't get to show up. I'll have to try to work him in next year.

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