#43: More a Question of Morals Than Powers

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Primarily, the main thought was that not enough people would know who Plastic Man or Elongated Man were. The argument that "wikipedia has the information" was apparently not good enough. Thus, the additional endings (plus, I kinda just felt like pulling a "Clue" and having alternate versions).
That said, if you want to get really nerdy:
- Power Ring and Sinestro both have a power ring (like the rings the Green Lanterns wear) that allow them to use the light spectrum Yellow. Both of these rings are from Qward, and, in fact, Power Ring (at least the Earth 3 version) is from Qward himself. To get into the real differences between them, you'd have to write a couple of essays on the background and motivations of both characters
- Dick Grayson, while heckled for his connection to the brighter, cheerful time (during the Silver Age), when Batman had to act all nice-nice due to the Comic Code, is still a pretty bad ass character. Plus, he got to be Nightwing! Jason Todd, however, was a douche and everyone was happy when he died.
- There are barely any similarities between Batman and the Man-Bat, aside from "Bat" and "Man" being in their names. Batman and the Man-Bat have interacted before (I'm fairly certain in the comics as well as the DCAU series).
- Personally, I'm a DC fan, so I always think that the X-Men is just Marvel's angtsy attempt to have their own JLA of Mutants. But then, so are the Avengers, really.
- Similarly, I'm also a fan of Voltron. Power Rangers always felt like Voltron with uncessary live-action bits thrown in. That said, I would kill to see Power Rangers vs. Godzilla. That would be boss, if it ever existed.
- The ending of the Matrix series really pissed me off. I'm not going to spoil it for the three people reading this comic that haven't seen the series (and yet still want to), but suffice it to say the ending leave the viewer empty and unsatisfied (kinda like softcore porn, really -- that kind of empty, shallow feeling). See also: the Ending of the Dark Tower series.
- Now here are two fandoms I can get behind. I love me some Doctor Who, but I also have a soft spot in my heart for the Bill and Ted movies (and yes, I do enjoy the second movie no matter how awful it really is). That said, both series have guys traveling around, through time and space, in phone booths. Hard not to see a connection.
- As for the zombies, this is a rant I have for anyone, whenever fast zombies are mentioned. My wife can always sense when it's coming, andalways tries to derail the conversation before it gets there. For the record: the onses.

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