#65: After the Formalities

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Hey now, he's a fast learner, and he's had centuries of self-improvement since arriving in Heaven. Just saying.
I had to look up how to spell Cro-Magnon. It's not something you have to spell often in your day-to-day... or least, I don't. Some of you may have to, but presumably you also make more than I do (and may have some kind of addiction to tweed). I made sure to put the umlaut though. It's an important detail.
Man, now I really wanna play some pinball. The death of the arcade should be viewed as the turning point for civilization, the point at which we realized humanity was doomed and we'd all end up, on day, living in some kind of Terminator-esque future because the machines have realized we aren't worth saving.
I would have to agree. Love me some arcades.

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