#10: Even Holy Men Are Pigs

This Comic's Cast:

Commentary by Damaris
I really liked the top panel on this comic. I don't think I've ever spent so much time on one thing in my life. I especially like the Zelda sprite. Unfortunately, though, this particular comic highlights one of the problems of having a non-gamer use video game sprites to make a comic. Originally, the top panel was only supposed to contain women and Angel. It wasn't until the comic was completely, saved, and uploaded that Mike broke the news to me that the cute little cave-girl on the right (coming in the door) was really a guy.
Originally, I had the cute little purple-haired chickadee picked out to be Angel's mark. Thankfully, we caught this mistake early on. I, unfortunately, had chosen the same sprite that had been used for Darkmoon's mother. Faced with no other choices, the impromptu decision was made to make his target a nun. I don't think I could have planned in any better.

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