#3677: Down in the Bowels

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The idea is that the castle changes every time because it's a living, breathing entity. That was explored in Aria of Sorrow where Soma goes to the center of the castle, through into the "Chaos Realm", which is the dimension the castle exists in when it's not extruded out into our world (and then Soma kills Chaos, ending that shtick). Thus, ever time the castle appeared again, it was changed because that's the nature of chaos (so says Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park).

Of course, I like the idea better that Dracula just hires a bunch of contractors to rebuild his place every time he comes back from the dead. Maybe the whole chaos thing is a better explanation but it's seems vastly less plausible.

2020-11-11 02:46:49 
Chaos, um.. finds a way. The Lords of Shadow timeline's explanation is the castle that became Dracula's had a demon as part of it, summoned/fused into the building itself. That way it just restructured because it was alive.

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