#3209: Language Barrier

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Some readers have commented in the past that they don't like how many characters I have that can't actually speak -- Bunny, along with Mummy and Bucky. Now, to be fair, those characters are the favorites of OTHER fans, so it's one of those weird balancing acts between having characters that some like, while not using them so much that the people that DON'T like them feel like they're over used. Of course, since Bucky and Mummy have largely disappeared from CVRPG (moving over to DSWC aside from the occasional Righteous Heretics) appearance, so that point is somewhat moot anyway.

Still, I do agree that I can't overuse those kinds of characters, and so we have a situation like this with a character that can't speak English (if he's even really speaking at all) talking to a character that can, and instead of just naturally conveying the information, the other character is completely lost. Seems like a nice inversion of my own trope.


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