#2933: Officer's Lounge

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Originally I had the soldier's refer to the Admiral as "sir" since, on TV and in movies, that's often what soldiers call their superior female officers. After comments on the last comic where I did that, though, I checked into it and, as far as real military rules are concerned, "sir" is for dudes, and "ma'am" is for ladies. If you see it in pop culture, it's wrong. I'm going to change it where I did it before, but that's just a note on the future.

Mr. Ookami
2017-05-17 08:03:50 
My dad was in the military and he said that pretty much sir was for men and Ma'am is for ladies, but referring to s female superior officer as Sir wasn't really a big deal.
Mr. Ookami
2017-05-17 08:04:42 
It depends on what you want the culture of your future to be.
2017-05-17 22:53:58 
Yeah, I'd read that, too. But to be the most accurate, sticking to "sir" and "ma'am" as appropriate seems best. ;)

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