#2859: We're Leaving

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This isn't a rip on Yelp so much as just pointing out how old Darkmoon and the rest of the crew are (and how out of touch they are with the "modern" technology of the era). What's popular now is unlikely to be popular 500 years from now. Hell, Blockbuster Video was a huge chain ten years ago and now their gone, but back then it would have been inconceivable from them to just disappear one day. Companies like Yelp or Apple or Google probably won't exist five centuries from now (just look at Yahoo as an example) so it's only bound to stand that no one besides Darkmoon would remember Yelp at this point.

I bet he's probably like me. He probably still has a Yelp account much like I still have my Blockbuster card...

2017-02-02 18:06:01 
I don't think customer reviews are going to go anywhere so long as technology stands. Maybe Yelp itself won't be a thing anymore, but there will certainly be a stand-in. Unless customers started getting their way in a big way and got complacent. Then things could go backward pretty quick.

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