#2407: End of Game 4 (and a Bit, and a Bit More)

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And now we reach the end of the great big Game 4 arc. Alec had an amazing adventure through time, he married Princess, the two of them had an adventure filled honeymoon, and then they were sent off into the sunset to have a long, happy retirement together.

Now, I will say that I still hold out the option to bring back Righetous Heretics when I want, but they won't be part of some Comic 83 permutation celebration. If they come back again it will just because I feel like doing a little filler-arc for a few comics. And I have no plans right now to do so -- it'll just be if I have an idea for it, so don't expect that any time soon.

Meanwhile, get ready for the next game. We're loading up, and from here everything is about to change...
Chris Rivan
2015-07-25 11:36:52 
Sorry. Had to skip the band arc. It just didn't hold my interest. I'm not bring critical, as I'm sure most readers liked it, but my preference is for the fantasy fiction parody. Just my two cents!(And let me clearly articulate that I have probably liked 95% of this comic's run to date, so having one arc I couldn't get into out of probably 3k comics is a GREAT rate.) CR
Mike Finkelstein
2015-07-25 13:41:03 
Hey, no big. It has its fans and, if I'm tying up all the loose ends, I had to tie this one up as well... And so we move on...

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