#50: Celebrate Good Times

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The list. If you will notice, they are all classes from the Final Fantasy series... although, I suppose D and D has done them by now as well. I always wondered what the practical differences between a Bard and a Singer were, besides one playing his own insturment. Neither really seemed all that useful in a fight.
And notice how, in the end, Princess takes a class rendering her as ineffectual as the rest of the group. That is pretty well the theme... :p
Oh yeah, and this is one of those cases where we set up a joke for a later comic. That has become a running gag, although I never expected it to.
2015-10-13 04:02:57 
i think clerics don't exactly have the chastity thing going, not the battle ones and certainly not the paladins... i mean, i play a cleric in some games, and once the level 60 "ironman" armor is gone, well, the battle armor becomes a few lines of leather and some plate... it basically becomes a bikini... so yeah, it's not like you have to be pure of body, pure of heart is nice enough for some gods.

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