#781: Final Terms

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Much as I like the intelligence of Frankie's plan, I do have to admit there one issue with it: Frankie doesn't realize these aren't the same evil rulers he's been dealing with in the past. Because, think about it, Other-Darkmoon is in charge, and other-Princess works with him. That means Other-Princess's empire is really Other-Darkmoon's empire.
So what Frankie just negotiated is a truce and trade deal from Dracula's lands to Dracula's lands.
Another way of looking at it is that, somehow, Frankie just negotiated himself into control of half of Other-Darkmoon's lands. And the heroes didn't even notice.
of course, Princess did just make the empire a constitutional democracy, so maybe trade deals between Dracula's old realms and this new nation were, actually necessary. Just a shot in the dark, though.

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