#230: Just Keep Running

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I have to wonder how one breeds immortal chickens. Sure, you can breed a variety of traits, over time, but how would one breed immortality. It's not like you're just breeding chickens that are fast and can dodge attacks. These chickens are little tanks, impervious to all but the most awe inspiring of attacks.
Sure, magic is going to have to be involved, but that then begs the question of what spells were used, and how does one do it so that the magic works its way into the genetics. This has to be a breedable trait.
Of course, then the question is why would you do it. Immortal chickens make for an interesting thing to try once or twice, but it's not like there's any practical application for them.
2015-10-13 08:01:27 
i'd say they made the invincible chicken as poultry that could survive pretty much everything so it didn't die due to climate changes, raiding animals and other things, too bad that they made them way too invincible, now killing them to eat them became quite a chore.

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