#148: Them's a Fine Lookin' Steed

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I continue to use up the "Alec as Link" joke. But, on the subject... Epona. I'm not really a big fan of Epona (or for that matter, the boat in Wind Waker). Sure, it allows you to travel faster in certain areas, but it also allows the world makers to make the world obnoxiously big. So big that, when you're hoofing it (like you are early in Ocarina), you end up spending what feels like forever just to get to the next place. Boring.
You gotta love the payoff at the end though. I bet you didn't see that one coming... Of course, there aren't really pigs in Zelda (at least, not in Kakariko from Link to the Past), but we;ll let that slide. I think I stole the pig from Golden Sun, but at this point I can't really remember. Sorry.

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