#141 3/4: Democracy at Work

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Heh, I didn't even mention this in the last comic, but that one, this one, and the next one (all three) were put up while I was actually on vacation. I uploaded them from a far, but made them ahead of time. The vacation was nice, but it taught me that it's better to just pass the reigns of the site off to someone else rather than trying to do it myself.
For those that don't remember, there was an actual poll that went up to pick the new Elder. The poll, like all of them, lasted a month. You'll have to read further into the achive, though, to see who won.
Evil, isn't it? It's like drug dealing. First taste is free.
2015-10-13 06:48:52 
yeah, i think Carmilla is the only one who offers nothing... also, to be tax exempted by the chicken, just use a feathered hat... that makes you feathered by...a grammatical exception.

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