#141 1/2: The Best Laid Plans

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I love this comic. I think the "Egress between a yak and a duck" line is one of the best I've ever written. Off the wall good times. I also like my last panel, although that's as much out of laziness as anything else. I could probably have found some attacking sprite EVENTUALLY and done the last panel up all gory and stuff... but...
Well, come on, everyone can do fake blood. It's not funny anymore. It's one thing when it was the early days of the net and everyone was doing stick figure death animations. But now? Blood is passe.
Besides, nothing I could have done would be funnier than the panel I came up with. No joke would fit better. I totally think that.
Of course, watch people now submit panels for the last frame that are funnier. Then I'll have to quote Alec Baldwin from the Clerks cartoon series: "Well played... Clerks."

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