#53: Distractions

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This plotline has become infamous. Link and the Swirly Boss. A few comics down the road Link and the team of Heroes will part, and I'll discuss him more then, but for now...
I do need to rant on that damn Swirly boss. No, that's not his name, but it's not like most casual Zelda fans know his name. He is an utter bitch to fight at times, and this joke got some many comments from so many people. Apparently I struck a collective nerve.
He's much easier to fight on the SNES. Trying to take him on in an emulator always seemed to be harder. Never could quite get the reaction time down in emus to get that last, super fast, hit in. Damn boss.
2014-09-06 17:50:01 
Mike Finkelstein
2014-12-31 10:19:44 
Well, yes, if I wanted to actually look it up. ;)

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