#42: How to Be Goth. Or a Vampire. Whatever.

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I have a few things to say about this one. First off, the top joke, if I remember, was originally about Batman and Spiderman instead if He-Man and Lion-o. I showed the joke to Mabby, and she mentioned that 8-bit did a similar joke bewteen BM and RM. I changed it, referencing two of the cheesy 80s cartoons, which I think is cooler than superheroes, and made a point of keeping up with 8-bit regularly.
Secondly, for those not in the know, I'm a wanna-be goth. All the jokes aimed at goth in these comics are inspired by the jokes I make and other make at me. All in good fun. But damn, some goths are really whiney.
And finally, the Princess outfit was my color swap of her. Jorge didn't like the colors I chose, but it's my comic. He's just my slave! >3 As it is, her goth clothes will one day make another appearance.
2015-10-13 02:58:46 
yep, at least he-man doesn't have to shout something to make the sword bigger...and that sounded strangely sexual... but a battle between them would be bad, just imagine that for some reason he-man shatters the eye of thundera... total wipe-out of the thundercats race right?... that would be bad... as for the vampire thing... darkmoon lost all the powers besides super strength and living forever due to the soul, so i guess princess would be just the same if he "sired" her.

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