Mirror Raye

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In their past, Raye and Darkmoon were lovers. The two served the Dark Lord through out the years, ensuring his resurrection time and again. However, at a certain point Darkmoon was cursed with his soul and the two broke up, one going off to serve the light while the other, Raye, continued to aid the Dark Lord.

However, in the Mirror Universe that never happened. Darkmoon never got his soul, Raye continued to serve with him, and together they took over Dracula's power, making their own dark cabal to rule Romania. it was a perfect plan until Raye eventually elected to take the power for herself. I mean, she is an evil vampiress after all.

And, yes, I recognize that I just said in the last Cast Comic that Death can't be in the Mirror Universe. I mean, he can be here, and as "the collector of souls" he'll show up from time to time, but he doesn't serve this universe's Dark Lord. Even still, these comics aren't really in continuity for the whole series, so I can fuck around with stuff as I like.


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