Mirror Frankie

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While much of the Mirror Universe is similar to the main continuity, some things are much, much different. Take Frankie, for example, who in our universe is a lovable, endearing putz. Over on the Mirror side, though, he's risen through the rank's of Dracula's army (well, Evil Darkmoon's army now). Serving as the right hand to Darkmoon's own right hand, Raye, Frankie keeps everything running smoothly while the leaders bumble their way around.

Making Frankie the organized, efficient lieutenant made sense from a practical stand point. Due to story details we can't get into here (for sake of spoilers), Shaft is unavailable to fill the role on the Mirror side. Death, too, can't do it, as there is only one Death for all of reality (and he's chosen which Dark Lord he serves). That means someone else had to take up the task, and that person was Frankie.


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