Alec Purple

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The Band is an interesting arc all on its own. It was never intended to be a recurring feature original. Mab just liked the idea of celebrating some random milestone and Comic 83 was decided upon. The she drew a comic for it we both liked. Fans liked it to and, later, it was suggested that we celebrate the 83 * 5 (415), so she drew another comic for it. And that's where the trouble really began.

From that point forward I had to keep an eye towards 83 milestones (10x, 15x, 20x, etc). And the characters featured in there, slightly different versions of the main cast, grew into their own lives.

Alec Purple was singled out for a bio specifically because he was a version of Alec not normally seen in the main series. Plus he was just fully committed to something Alec Green wouldn't care about: Rock Music. Green is very religious so, in my head, I always expected he'd be very much against Rock n' Roll. But Purple digs it -- it's his life.


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