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Actrise is one of the less well-known of Dracula's crew. That's largely due to the failure of the N64 game, Castlevania, as well as it's Director's Cut edition, Legacy of Darkness. Actrise was the main villain of Carrie's quest in that game, and, to be honest, she wasn't that memorable. But then I liked the N64 games and even I will admit they aren't that memorable, all things considered.

As it was, with her first game in the series being largely ignored by the fanbase, Konami likely decided that Actrise wasn't worth bringing forward into other titles. The only character lucky enough to find a second life was Cornell, and even he was made into a permanent werewolf for Judgment and rebooted completely for the Lords of Shadow series.

Still, it's always nice to have another lady on the crew.


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