#3927: Get In Close

This Comic's Storylines:

I like this setup as I get to do a play on "heist movies". You know the sequences where they say what the plan is and then show you a version of the plan being enacted. This is kinda fun to do here and, once again, let's me play with the format of the comic a little, which I really like.

Bonus Comic

The nice thing about bonus strips is that they can violate continuity, which is a good thing since this ensign knows entirely too much about Darkmoon's past. Also, really, the emoji he wants to send sounds like something Angel would come up with more so than Darkmoon. He's not above a crude gesture but this has Angel all over it. But I really was amused at the idea of Darkmoon trying to send emoji across deep space communications, and this was the best thing I could come up with, so... it's what we get.

2021-10-26 23:08:01 
The classic "towing mines" slash "Followed by Reaver fleet" maneuver.

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