#784: New Ground

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Sure, if you really look into Castlevania continuity, Dracula has managed to stay alive for weeks or months at a time. We normally never see it, of course, before we're just concerned with the moment the hero gets to the front gates and fights their way through the castle to take on Dracula. But there are whole swaths of story (in expanded universe manga and books published by Konami, and various instruction booklets and so forth) that show Dracula in power, sending out his minions and ruling parts of the countryside, for months or years even.

But that doesn't play well into what we see on the screen when we're playing, so I largely ignore it. Konami has never put out a proper CV RPG (TM), one that explores the build up of Dracula's power and shows the heroes spending a long time getting ready to fight him, so why should we care? Expanded universe stories are optional, so as far as we simple fans should be concerned, they don't count.



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