#753: Fiendishly Confusing

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I put Blacula in this word of crisp white whiteness because I needed villains here. The two sides of DSWC, Heroes and Villains, have to mirror each other, so if I was going to explore this place with Richter and Co. I had to do the same with someone evil. Blacula works, but his being here does raise some issues I'll address now.

The big one is: why is he here? His backstory is that he's an African prince who was turned into a vampire by Dracula. There's nothing in his setup that stops him from existing in the actual world of the comic. Presumably he'd be right back in prison as a vampire, stuck back where he was long, long ago before he escaped.

That or he'd just be dead. Never turned into a vampire, never imprisoned. He lived out his life in Africa and died of natural causes centuries ago. That also makes sense.

Still, most of the minions would still be around in Romania in this new continuity. Only Blacula could, in any reasonable thought, possibly work as someone that was removed from continuity. And also Shaft, since he's constantly dead/not dead, so we can accept his place here.


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