#746: Better Options

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Okay, so originally this comic had Dracula saying "which would be anyone other than Richter Belmont", because that's a true statement -- Richter sucks. However, Richter also doesn't exist, so I had to change that link after publishing.

Sadly, it's not quite as funny now, but for the sake of not violating the new status quo, I have to go with the line that actually makes sense.
2016-02-04 07:14:33 
True, but... how does Dracula know about Richter, if he doesn't exist in this timeline?
2016-02-04 12:21:01 
Gabi, the way i understand it, it's not like Richter never existed at all in this timeline, he just went missing at some point... i guess
Mike Finkelstein
2016-02-04 13:54:19 
No, she's right. I have to change that line. The joke is funny, but I have to change it. Damn!
2016-02-05 01:40:25 
I still think it's funny. It just requires a little more thought to get it for some maybe. But it's still funny to me. ^_^
2016-02-05 09:03:05 
Yes, I think it's still funny. :)

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