#571: All the Classes

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Bards are not much loved by anyone. They get quite a bed rap from a lot of players, and I know very few of them who actually want bards in the party.

Of course, that's Dungeons and Dragons, but there there aren't a lot of bards in other games. the Bard's Tale series comes to mind and... that might be about it.
2015-05-24 15:37:28 
There are Final Fantasy bards, as well as Dragon Quest bards, and a few other RPG's have done them. Really, someone who doesn't like having a bard in their D&D party either always has extremely small parties (there is a party size minimum to their effectiveness) or else has never seen a properly played bard. It is a support class, and when used well significantly increases the effectiveness of other party members, you just need enough party members so that the one less combat character doesn't hinder the party.

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