#533: A Modest Proposal

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Just a bit of a play on the "A Modest Proposal" from Johnathan Swift. His was a far more hideous (and satirical) proposal than the one Death is about to suggest.

And, as should now be obvious, the characters are starting to intermingle between the two comics. If you haven't read the DSWC side of things up til now, I'd recommend it. Things are only going to get more twisty as we go forward.
2014-09-18 11:36:11 
I get the feeling that Death is making this problem a bit bigger than it needs to be. I mean, he's DEATH he can be everywhere at once, and Richter would never see him coming until it was too late. I know he likes to play fair, but seriously, this is one time where he should be able to cheat a little.

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