#428: Suit Up
Speaking of armor -- here's Link in his new armor.

Before we get into the why, I want to briefly touch upon why I give so many characters armor. As it is, I save the armor for the true warriors: Richter (and his "twin", Hanz), Link, Alec. Each of these character feel like, if they were going to upgrade their suits, it would be to armor. In Link's case, especially, it is kind of in continuity. A couple of different games have given him armor (Twilight Princess comes to mind) as his upgraded suit. Doing it here felt right.

I did contemplate giving him some kind of purple suit for the upgrade (to keep in the Four Swords colors) but it just didn't play.

Now, specific to the new Link (launched here in DSWC, which I find amusing), I really wanted to give our friend Link a full upgrade -- and that's what this is. He's a full spritesheet now, totally capable of being animated (all frames drawn and ready). He has proper animations for both "directions" (since he has a strap across one shoulder, and is clearly left handed, he had to be properly drawn up for each side of his attacks -- left and right).

I even gave him new items: a bottle, power medallions, magic rods and staffs, and a megaton hammer. He should be set to roll for quite some time.

And I just have to comment: it's nice seeing Link back in green. I kinda missed it.

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