#380: Vampire Powers

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This is just one of those times where I'm sitting, looking at a situation that I set up for great dramatic effect, and then go "wait a second..."

Although Olrox's powers are never really clarified in his appearances in the Castlevania series, I have to assume that since he's a vampire, he can do bat forms, wolf form, mist form, and all that jazz. So here he is, going into mist.

Does mean I can't trap him in dungeons. Also means that I have to wonder just how Dracula is keeping Blacula in a dungeon all this time. Hrmmm...
2016-08-16 13:40:09 
Ways you can keep a vampire prisoner. 1) Light Infused Bars 2) Light Infused Barmaid Jailkeepers 3) Invisible Barrier over the cell. Essentially a Jar. Doesn't even allow air to pass through, but still allows sound.

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