#308: Pressing Business

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I usually prefer to have Villains comics happen either right after the DSWC comic they synch up with, or happen at the exact same time. Strictly speaking this one occurs right before the DSWC comic it's grouped with, and that bothers me a little... but if I were to have it happen a comic earlier, it would ruin Death's appearance in DSWC, and that would have bothered me more.

I had to change Death's appearance back to his old robes (which plainly he preferred) since he shows up later in DSWC, in the reboot continuity, in the old robes. It would have screwed things up too much to have him in new robes in one series and old ones in the other when both are supposed to be happening at the same time in the SAME continuity. Ugh.

As it is, though, the magic of the pocket realm allows him a little leeway to do tinkery things like this.

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