#275: Which Way

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To be fair, this comic may only be funny to people that are fans of Castlevania and know some of its weird minutia. To explain:

In Castlevania II your job, as Simon, is to collect the five body parts of Dracula that were spread around the countryside by Dracula's minions. You have to do this because (as Simon explained in an earlier comic), Dracula cast a curse on Simon upon the demon's death, and if Simon didn't collect the body parts and bring Dracula back to life, Simon would die.

Now, each of the five body parts are hidden in Mansions. One of the mansions can only be found with the proper crystal (there's a blue, a white, and a red one, but I can't remember which one it is and it's too much effort to go look it up). Another one is blocked from your path until you have Dracula's Nail, which allows you to break blocks you couldn't break before.

The Graveyard Duck is a mistranslation/Engrished speech issue. Two sentances, one about doing something "in the graveyard," and the other about "duck to avoid blah blah," were said by a single person, and the period was forgotten between the two sentances, so it comes out looking like you're supposed to go and find the graveyard duck to avoid whatever is coming.

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