#116: The Cave Entrance

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When going over the chapters of DSWC, I realized that #116 is the end of a chapter, even though, in DSWC, Richter is only part way into a discussion with Dracula (where Richter is still dressed as Death -- long story).

Of course, Richter here isn't even at Dracula, but that's a whole different comment, and a digression from what I was discussing.

Since Richter's plotline carried over between two chapters (the second chapter started when Simon and Alucard teamed up to try their hand at battling Dracula -- there's a plotline that won't happen at all here), I felt the Villainesses should also carry over between two chapters. It's a fitting parallel.

Of course, for you to notice all that, you have to have an eye for the comic numbers and how the chapters fit together. I think I may be the only person anal enough to care.

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