#33: 8-Bit Lager Promo

This Comic's Cast:

So this is lined up to work along side the DSWC version of the comic, which is also the original 8-Bit Lager promo. I wanted to mirror that comic with this one, so I made one with a little superstar product placement.

Once I had that idea in mind, I just had to figure out who would be the famous star. Of course, I had to be able to make the sprites for them, or use what I already had. Dan was already a sprite, so I talked to my sister, Mab, and she agreed to go with this.

Even though he's called the "Star of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures," we're calling this an official crossover... mostly because Mab says she'll work it into her comic at some point as well. Whoo.

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