#9: Poor Perceptions

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At comic #9, DSWC launched into its second chapter (although the whole demarcation of it as a chapter came long after that comic was written, but that's a different story. Since I want Villains to be one-to-one as well, it's second official chapter starts out at comic #9 also.

As I've been writing this series (and, yes, I have a backlog), the idea of synching up the chapters as well as the comics has proven, at times, to be kinda difficult. I get so used to writing stories until they're done, and in this case I have to bear in mind that a hard ending to most of the stories will happen at a specific number, and make sure I write them right to fit the space.

It also means that when a chapter is lean on story I have to find some way to flesh it out.

The setup for this chapter also parallels the setup for the companion story in DSWC. There, Richter and Cornell hate the perception that Simon and Alucard are better heroes. Here, Dracula is working to battle the perceptions that he's such a bad guy.

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