Captain's Log: Supplemental

The first of the Supplementals. I get some great gags in on these comics, since I never have to follow continuity in these if I don't wanna. BTW, this whole scene really did happen.

As a note, this is one of the more noticable examples of where I've gone back in during the commentary process and fixed a font glow so it actually is halfway legible. I try not to do it unless necessary, but sometimes it's just too damn hard to read.

Speaking of fixing comics, I did take some time, long ago, to redo a bunch of the oldest CVRPG comics. Some of the original strips were very hard to read and, eventually, I went through and made new versions of a bunch of comics, some Supplementals included, to just make everything more legible. If you want to torture yourself and see these older comics in their original form, you can head over to the CVRPG Classics archive, but I prefer the current forms you'll find here.

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