#122: Being a Hero is Hard

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In the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Link has to drain a lake to gain access to one of the dungeons (hopefully by this point you don't need a vague spoiler warning for a game that came out twenty years ago). It's never mentioned where that water goes (presumably down a magical drain), and once you're done with the dungeon and leave that area of the overworld, the lake fills in again.

This always bothered me, just because I like games where what you do has a direct effect on the whole of the world, permanently shaping places in ways that might not have a direct impact on your mission, but still make for interesting side-effects.

In Mega Man X, for example, killing Chill Penguin will cover Flame Mammoth's stage in ice. Defeating Launch Octopus will flood parts of Sting Chamelon's stage. I dug that, and really wished other games did that (or, for that matter, that it had been used much in later games in the series -- I only recall it showing up a little in X3, and none at all in X2).

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