Guest Comic by Destina: Filler

This Comic's Cast:

This was a little filler comic Destina had up for all of a day while she was prepping the next comic. It's a fun little filler that I'd hate to see disappear.

Addendum by Destina Faroda (7/17/05)

I'm just adding a small commentary about this comic. I put this up on the Sunday of the second week because I knew people would be used to checking the comic on Sunday. That and it did take an extra day to make the next comic. (Yes, I work on these things for hours at a time even if the final product does not reflect the effort.) While readers might have come back of their own accord, I thought to put this together as a courtesy. Since this is the only guest comic with Damaris and Devil in it, I felt bad that I erased it from the guest comic continuity. Now that it's restored, it means all my long-time on-line pals who I could easily find SNES/CVRPG sprites for have made it in to the guest comic. At least Bomberman's line in the next comic's top panel makes slightly more sense now.

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