Guest Comic by Destina #02

This Comic's Cast:

Today's comic looks a little different than the previous one. Specifically the text and the text balloons themselves are a lot more like the CVRPG standard. While I'm not there all the way, I think given a few more tries I can give an accurate simulation of the style. The downside is that doing this takes longer, because it means I have to juggle programs to get the result I want.
If you haven't noticed already, in numbering these comics I use a zero as a placeholder. There's no real reason for me to, but I simply like the way it looks.
Today's top panel is based on the idea that the extremely talented and busy Jorge D. Fuentes was gracious enough to create a Sailor Steeler sprite based on this image. Unfortunately, I thought I could improve the sprite, resulting in the Sailor Steeler you see to the right. It's clear which one is the superior sprite. However, I think I'll stick with the Sailor Steeler I've been using, due to the fact I'm stubborn.
If you can't tell what Death is giving Dracula, it's supposed to be holy water. Yes, I know that's not the sprite for holy water, but a quick Internet search only turned up the 8-bit holy water sprite. I think this tuned out better this way, given the size of the character sprites. I probably mangled the French term for "holy water" pretty badly, as I don't know French at all, but I think you can get the idea even without reading this commentary.
The punchline is a catchphrase stolen from Mega Man X: Crossed Wires, a comic created by my good friend, Magnus. The comic itself is on hiatus, but a trip through the archives will net you numerous humorous comics that will keep you laughing for hours.

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