Twelve Monstrous Days of Christmas: Prelude

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Since I had the Frankie and Mummy sprites at my disposal, I put together this series to fill in time while I was away on holiday.
Frankie is one of two characters in the comic that is Jewish, the other being Darkmoon. It's hard to say why, specifically, Frankie is Jewish as the doctor that created him wasn't (I'm fairly certain that in at least one version of the story the doctor is Christian... as well as being batshit insane). And, even if he is Jewish, what parts of him are? He is the cobbled together man. Did every bit of him come from Jews, or is he a religious melting pot?
Of course, considering the fact that, technically, Frankie was supposed to have been put together somewhere about the turn of the 20th century, and CVRPG takes place long before them, plainly continuity isn't a real concern here.

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