#113: Game the System

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When you talk to a 'fundie about people that get into Heaven and people that go to Hell, rule one is that you have to accept Jesus into your heart as your personal savior. But, of course, the obvious question is "what about people that have never been exposed to Christianity?" There are tribes out there, in the Pacific, that probably haven't heard the "good word". And there were certainly plenty of people over the last 200 years that were never exposed to Christianity in any of its forms. So what about them are they destined to go to Hell? Does that really seem fair.
A truly devout
'fundie will say (in essence) those people are fucked. Their life was for naught, and when the time comes, their afterlife will go tits-up.
The second point a 'fundie will make is that, after accepting Jesus (good guy, nice abs), you have to be a good person. A literal definition would be to follow the Ten Commandments, but you can get out of most of those if you ask for forgiveness (at least, the Catholics have that "get out of jail free" card). So, really, what's to stop someone from being a serial killer, who also is a devout Catholic, from killing a bunch of people, getting last rites, and then getting into Heaven? It's a gimmie, a loophole.
Stupid religion mucking everything up.

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