#88: Stern Warning

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If we believe Jurassic Park, the Raptor is the single greatest creature ever devised. Deadly, super intelligent, able to communicate, can drive cars, invented gun powder, once devised a working cold fusion reactor... the list goes on.
It's a good thing a meteor wiped all the dinosaurs off the planet. Otherwise, raptors would have inherited the Earth. Likely they would have developed some super-advanced society and started terrorizing the universe, ID4 style.
Really, that asteroid did the galaxy a favor. Some creatures should never advance. It's like creating a race of Darth Vaders and then saying "we trust you to develop space flight and explore the universe. We're sure you won't abuse it."
Is Darth Vader really the best character to use for that analogy? Maybe Hitler? George W. Bush? Rush Limbaugh?
Oooh, I shudder at that last one.

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