#670: Found Out

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Well, he knew what was going on. Give him credit, that was decently intelligent. Of course, then I had to screw it up, but hey, at least one step forward.

Still, you gotta think, it probably wasn't that hard to figure out. She couldn't keep up the act forever.
Anonymous Coward III
2015-08-04 19:47:44 
Interesting dynamic, you have a two former assumed male figures, one who deliberately crafted a male identity and one who was forcibly assigned one due to no one knowing any better. Thereshiri and Claudia could have quite the discussion about gender dynamics.
2015-10-21 14:40:56 
and fighter is not an idiot, well, that's four things this doesn't have in common with 8-bit theater, first was this is 16-bit, next, black mage being a woman, third, white/red mage is not an oxymoron and fighter is not an idiot... progress.

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