#664: Powerful Breeze

This Comic's Cast:

She's a girl! What a twist!

I know some of you are going "but Black Mages don't have human faces" since some versions of them are engineered or something. But, other versions of the Mages are normal humans inside the robes. That's our Claude.

Although I supposed it's Claudia, now.
2015-07-20 00:45:21 
Claude could be her last name too. Also, I thought the wind had just pushed her hat back to start with, due to it being the same colour and having the same pattern.
2015-07-20 16:05:28 
Alternatively, our Black Mage might just be a very pretty and effeminate male, like Alec. ^.^
2015-09-09 20:01:20 
WTF? Her hair looks like her hat. Same colors. Weird as hell.
Mike Finkelstein
2015-09-09 22:07:06 
Limited color palette. CVRPG and DSWC sprites stick to the SNES, 16-bit color rules -- 15 colors plus a transparency. Since the yellow and green of the hat are used elsewhere in the sprite, I had to reuse them for her hair. Thus she's blond.
2015-09-11 12:19:08 
Well but it looks really weird! It looks exactly like her hat. Can't you change the bow color? Or make a different kind of blonde hair? Like Maria or Katrina? Or but her hat back? It looks really weird the way it is.
2015-10-21 14:35:30 
yeah, black mage is a woman, a woman that can kick a white mage ass any day of the week... so how come Thereshiri is using black magic spells?, unless she was a red mage all along... oh my god, she was a red mage all along... start running to the hills if she takes out a character sheet... and i know some black mages have human faces below the hats... i mean, it's the job change thing all over again, choose black mage and the face of your character becomes enveloped in shadow.

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