#660: By Any Other Name

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Hey now, give him some credit: Thereshiri is very hard to pronounce. I could see why he wants to pick a nickname for her.

Just... any other name, dude.
2015-07-10 00:32:08 
Hey, what's wrong with "hot mama"? I mean when said with the right tone, it can be flattering... Kinda.
2015-07-10 13:19:48 
Something tells me that this is one duel he's never going to forget.
2015-10-21 14:28:57 
unless she is pretty high level, she is going to lose... daggers do more damage than staffs, and black magic hurts more and earlier than white magic (when your best damaging spell is HOLY and it's a level 8 spell), as dia and it's power ups only work on undead... yeah, good luck whacking black mage to death White Sorceress Thereshiri.

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