#658: Plus One

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He took classes in the magical arts, not social grace back at the academy. And he normally just hangs out with dudes. Claude is just not good around ladies.

Or he's actively trying to be a dick. That's possible, too.
2015-10-21 14:19:38 
wow, black mage is an ass, what a surprise...and if i remember right, white mage never joined the group, they sadly had red mage, and he was useless because he never casted magic, except on himself and some bosses... well one boss, and ice9 was a lucky shot... now again, where did alucard go?
Mike Finkelstein
2015-10-21 15:11:23 
Well, that's only if you're going by 8-Bit Theater standards. Like the Castlevania characters I use, I treat these guys as if they were just heroes from the video game, no preconceived notions about them at all.
2016-01-17 18:33:39 
Even with his limited experience with women he could just default to treating her just like he would any other potential party member. If that's the way he always treats them or if he intentionally treats her like that, then yes, he's a dick.

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