#594: Creeper

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Hanz may have a wife who's an alien, but that doesn't mean the rest of the aliens are going to look kindly on him. Heck, I'm still not even sure that his wife is a queen.

If we go by Aliens, the second movie, then sure, only a queen can have eggs. At least, that's the implication. Further movies expanded on that, but what happens if there isn't a queen to start? Are we just supposed to assume none of the other aliens can spawn?

I'm sure some Alien fan is going to say "yeah, only a queen can breed", but that's silly from an ecological perspective.
2015-02-06 09:59:51 
Actually the movie Prometheus is essentially a "prequel" of aliens and might imply only the queen can (not that it matters here). While I have not seen it, it is my understanding that the aliens come about as the (intentional?) evolution of a biological weapon to exterminate humanity by another alien species. That said, alien canon doesn't really matter here, so keep up the great work!
Boy Lag
2015-02-06 15:00:26 
If you take the comics and novels into lore. Any drone can turn into a queen in the absence of a queen. Doesn't happen often but well better than being written into a corner in a fictional universe. ;)
2015-02-13 12:36:23 
What Boy Lag said for extended universe is true, and also it is somewhat confirmed by James Cameron as well (from jamescamerononline.com) James Cameron: An immature female, one of the first to emerge from hosts, grows to become a new queen, while males become drones or warriors. Subsequent female larvae remain dormant or are killed by males... or biochemically sense that a queen exists and change into males to limit waste. So theoretically, if they can biochemically change to males in presence of an existing queen, they could biochemically change to female in the lack of one.

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