#593: Scientific Inquiries

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Maria may be taking her anger at Richter out on Cornell. That, or she may just be pissed at him for being a lazy, unmoving, unfeeling, asshole. But in that case it's like being mad at the water for being wet or the sky being blue. Cornell is who he is.
2015-02-05 13:00:07 
After reading this comic, I started to think about all the characterizations here in CVRPG, and I came to a sudden realization; Alucard is the worst person in the entire comic, even when compared to Cornell and Richter. Here is my reasoning for that statement. Throughout the comic we have seen the characterizations of all the heroes, from the best like Samus and Link, to the worst like Richter and Cornell. The thing about it is, throughout the comic I've noticed how Richter and Cornell talk to others, and found them more intriguing (if not more honest) than many of the others. When it came to killing Dracula, they both have succeeded (although how Cornell did that without moving makes me question the validity of Dracula as a villain sometimes) the same number of times as Alucard. The thing about it is, unlike Cornell and Richter, Alucard is more sly, more manipulative than both, and I find that to be a major failing. True, it's fun to see him in the comic, but what makes him worse than either Richter or Cornell is that unlike those two, he tries to manipulate others rather than just being honest about his feelings. Richter being honest gets him slapped when he tells others what he wants, when Alucard manipulates others to get what he wants, he gets what he wants. That to me makes him a worse person than Richter. Thoughts?
2015-02-06 06:38:32 
That was deep ^^^^

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