Quickie #2: New Super Mario Bros. II
Now we have the Toad sprite I wanted. Good old Froggy. I actually, in a weird way, liked the frog suit better than the NSMB penguin suit. Penguin suit actually made some sections much easier, as it had the ability to not only shoot out ice balls, but it also didn't slip on ice and it had a penguin dive/slide attack. It's even more overpowered than the tanooki suit from SMB3.
A powerup I did like was the propeller hat. That was fun, and didn't make the game as easy as, say, the cape from Super Mario World. There were so many stages in that game you could just fly right through without bothering to do anything. The propeller hat, with it's limited flight range, made you think a bit more about where you had to land and how to time your flights.
Still miss the racoon, though.

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