Quickie #1: New Super Mario Bros.
I played through New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and the whole time I was sitting there going, "man, I really wanna do a Mario comic. Haven't done one in ages." Thus, just because I could, I made a DSWC. It fits better here than in CVRPG, really.
So yeah, New Super Mario doesn't have a cape item. Nor does it have a racoon leaf (on Luigi, if you notice). But hey, that's the joy of creative liberties. As this is a sprite comic, unafilliated with anyone, I can use whatever items I feel like. Woulda put Toad in a Frog Suit, but I just couldn't get the sprite right. Maybe next time.
The level is from Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels -- Super Mario Bros. 2 for our friends in Japan. Or anyone that's a purist and doesn't feel Super Mario Bros. 2 is a real Mario game. It's history does lend itself to the argument against, what with it just being a localized/reboot of a different game unrelated to Mario (which explains all the weird settings and characters).
On the flip side, if it weren't for SMB2 US, we wouldn't have floating Princess (one of the best innvoations for her character, and really useful in Super Smash Bros.). We also wouldn't have weird, floaty-run Luigi (not used nearly enough, but fun whenever they put it into a game). And, possibly, we wouldn't have Mario with an ability to carry items on his head (which appeared first in SMB2 and then again in the NSMB games). Plus, countless enemies and ideas that permeated the rest of the series.
So... yeah. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the game, but I do love what it added to the series.

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